puffed pasta snacks made with love

in your favorite Italian flavors

from the mind of Chef Joe Sasto

enjoy out of the bag or chef it up

eat pasta.
make love.

cooked, dried, and puffed to perfection using only the finest ingredients, TANTOS brings Italian cuisine to you in a variety of classic Italian flavors.

so much yes!

our founder and chef, Joe Sasto, has dedicated his life to creating food that will make you say, “tanto si” – an Italian expression that means, “so much yes!”.

our story

I honestly can't believe how much it tasted like my favorite pasta in snack form.

Laura R.

A chip like nothing I've had before. Love these flavors!

Ben F.

How did they make it taste like the actual pasta flavor? These are so good.

Kevin E.

Crunchy and addicting. Ate the whole bag in one sitting.

Tracy G.

Cacio e Pepe was flat out
one of the best things I've ever eaten. It tasted soooo good."

Ira M.

My new favorite vegan snack is Marinara and Tiramisu flavor!"

Jackie H.

chef up your TANTOS

up your TANTOS game with original recipes from Chef Joe Sasto.